09. OCTOBER 2015

Introducing... Tom Joy

Meet the photography mastermind, Tom Joy, who shot our Autumn Winter 15 collection fresh off the plane from Norway!


Name: Tom Joy


Location: Originally from Aberdeen - I've been in Leeds for just over 2 years now. LEEDSLEEDSLEEDS!


Has also worked with the likes of: Red Bull, The Hundreds, Harvey Nichols, Abandon Ship, Prevalence Co, and I've just finished up a pretty cool project for Leeds City Council related to my @LeedsLurking project


What are you listening to right now: The Rolling Stones - Give me Shelter. Shout out to my Dad for this influence!


Why Photography: Fundamentally, photography is something that has never held me back. I have control of it, I have control being self employed and I can go at the pace I want. Back at Secondary School I wanted to pursue business marketing - I guess I'm doing that to a large extent being a freelancer whilst also being able to engage with my creative side. There's only a few things that let me switch off completely and I am probably most relaxed when I'm behind my camera focussed on what's in front of me.


Which ADDICT piece was your favourite from the shoot? That's tough... I really liked the olive bomber jacket - the quilting on the exterior was cool and the vibrant orange looked rad! I also really liked the grey collared jacket. It's simple and could be smart or casual - perfect. 


Check out Tom's project on Instagram, Leeds Lurking, and keep an eye on his personal instagram @TomJoyPhoto for his incredible personal photography as well as sneak peaks of his work

Photographer Tom Joy in Norway, image source Tom Joy

image source : Tom Joy