21st October 2016

    And the last but not least, our final artist collaboration is.....(drum roll please)..... Adam G!

    ADAM is a creative designer based in Huddersfield who mainly works in graphic design, print textile brand and digital formats. His work spans many forms, from logo work to literature, record sleeves, skateboards and of course t-shirts! 

    As well as working with us on our exclusive t-shirts, Adam's got some big names after him! He has previously worked with Marvel, Rocawear clothing, Chiva regal whiskey, ASDA, and almost skateboards, to name just a few.

    Make sure to support Adam's awesome work by checking out it all out on his WEBSITE and BLOG!

    Check out all of Adam's T-Shirts below and grab yourself one before they all go!


    13th October 2016

    Our third artist collaboration is TOM J NEWELL

    An illustrator based in Sheffield, Tom's first inspiration came from his love of classic comics, like the Beano and 200AD, which is clearly recognisable from the style of Tom's work.

    He started out drawing up band posters for his friends after graduating from his fine art course in Sheffield, and thus kickstarted what became his illustrating career!

    In an interview with Our Fave Places, Tom talks about what inspires him: ‘Getting out of the studio, cycling around and going to record shops, book shops, taking in some of the details in between.’

    Tom's advice for aspiring artists? : ‘Refine exactly how you want to work, find your own unique style, and surprise people. Present your art to people in a way which will catch them off guard’ Read the full interview with Tom HERE

    Check out some of Tom's work below!

    Don't forget to head to Tom's WEBSITE to see all of his amazing work and check out his T-Shirts for ADDICT below.


    6th October 2016

    Our second artist collaboration is freelance designer JASON KERLEY

    We have watched Jason's work for a few years now, and obsessed doesn’t even come close, Everything about his work is unique. We're huge fans of his pastel colour palette contrasted with strong outline work - check out some of his work below


    Some of his past work includes working for Nike, Love Magazine, Big Chill Mowgli, to name but a few.

    Jason also makes music under alias Joane Skyler, and hosts a monthly radio show- the NTS show. Check out his soundcloud HERE, and make sure to listen to his radio station HERE!

    In an INTERVIEW with Apple Juice magazine in 2011, Jason talks about his inspirations and his background. When asked what his ultimate brief would be, he replied ‘I’ve always wanted to work on the graphics for the sides of a pinball or air hockey machine’. Someone take this man up! If we ever install an arcade in ADDICT HQ, we'll be calling Jason.

    Check out the 3 designs created by Jason Kerley, exclusive to ADDICT - and dont forget to check out the back prints!



    21st September 2016

    We are excited to announce that we are working with 4 artists this season for our AW16 collection!

    Kicking off the line up is illustrator MAX K!

    Max K is a Bristol based illustrator who is very well know here at ADDICT! We previously have mentioned his notorious SHAKE BRISTOL events which he hosts at Start the Bus.

    It is a favourite around Bristol, selling Zines, Comics, prints, t-shirts, badges and more! Support Max and make sure to check out the next Shake Bristol event HERE!

    Check out a few pieces of Max’s work below.

    Make sure to head to MAX'S WEBSITE and subscribe so you never miss a new post!

    And don't forget to pick up one of our new Max K T-Shirt's

  • SALE

    12th August 2016

    Our ADDICT SALE has been a summer hit!

    We now only have a few pieces remaining which of course are all 70% OFF!

    So be sure to check out the ADDICT Summer SALE before it all goes!


    6th June 2016

    Felipe Pantone is killing it in Paris!

    FELIPE PANTONE is the designers we worked with on our ADDICT SS16 collection and his work has just contributed to the large-scale street art project LASCO PROJECT in Paris!

    In the Hypebeast article they talk about how Pantone covered 4,000 square meters of the highway tunnel next to Paris which is normally forbidden to the public.

    Felipe's work is influenced by technology and the idea of illusion and distortion, which he shows in one of our most limited SS16 pieces, the UTILITY JACKET 2.5 FELIPE PANTONE.

    Read the full article here and shop our new SS16 collection!


    19th May 2016

    ADDICT SPRING SUMMER 2016 has arrived!

    This collection focuses on geometric patterns and bright colours and we are so stoked for you guys to finally see our new pieces.

    This season we have worked with FELIPE PANTONE as part of our artist series, Felipe is a kinetic artist whose work is heavily influenced by technology and the internet. This collection resembles his work as it is flooded with vivid colour, strong contrast, geometric shapes and glitch imagery.

    Here at ADDICT HQ we are obsessed with our staple and VERY limited piece the ADDICT UTILITY JACKET 2.5 FELIPE PANTONE ALL OVER PRINT 

    Make sure to shop the new COLLECTION now!


    12th May 2016

    Here at ADDICT HQ we must have sunstroke from all of these random heat waves as we've dropped everything to 70% off!

    We’ve even found some extra pieces from past seasons hiding out in our warehouse, which we’ve now thrown online for you to get your mits on!

    Shop now and snap up some of the highest quality pieces of technical ADDICT gold, before it all sells out! 


    20th April 2016

    Look at JUICY J rocking our our ADDICT A PLEX JOG PANTS.

    Juicy J is a blogger from THE UNISEX MODE, whose latest Instagram post has definitely caught our eye.

    Check out the Instagram post of Juicy reading SNEAKERS magazine where there is a special featurette of The Unisex Mode talking about about trainers and style. The main feature photo shows Juicy absolutely killing it in our A-PLEX JOG PANTS!  


    12th April 2016

    Here at ADDICT HQ we are counting down the days until the official SECRETSUNDAZE opening party!

    It is without a doubt that the Secretsundaze opening party signifys the start of summer, and this year they are are celebrating their 15th anniversary.

    The opening party will be on a Saturday for the first time because it is being held at St John's of Hackney Church, on the 30th April from 2-11pm. Now we don't know about you, but there is definitely something appealing about spending all day partying in the house of the lord!

    The line up is looking sick with Lil Louis, house music legend, leading the way. Louis has written some of the biggest dance tracks out there and we can't wait to hear his set!

    Following him on the line up is Steffi, Kornel Kovaks ,Moxie, K15 and Esa!

    Grab your tickets here and join us at one of the biggest music highlights of the year.

    Also don't forget to check out below our ADDICT picks for the gig!


    16th March 2016

    SHAKE BRISTOL are back!

    You guys know that all of us at ADDICT HQ love Shake Bristol events, so we are stoked that they have a new event coming up on the 3rd April at Start the Bus.

    Hosted by illustrator MAX KEMP, the event is a favourite around Bristol, with the theme of this Shake being ALL THINGS SPACE, we know this is definitely going to be unmissable!

    So get down to Start the Bus on the 3rd April to check out the sick work of some of the best illustrators in the area and be sure to let them know that ADDICT sent you!

    If you still aren't sure and need convincing, check out their awesome video for their last event 'PALENTINES DAY' which hosted in February.



    1st March 2016

    Our SS16 ADDICT collection is soon approaching and here at ADDICT HQ we are stoked to announce photographer TOM JOY is back!

    If you don't remember who Tom Joy is, he shot our AW15 collection last year and we love his work so much that he's not only shooting our SS16 but our AW16 collection as well! 

    Check out his recent shot of our ADDICT AOP NEO MARINER JACKET below:

    Art comes in many forms, and we aren’t about to forget that photography is one of them. We jammed with Tom on our SS16 campaign and he’s created pure magic from our madness, so stay tuned for shots coming soon.

    Check out all of Tom's awesome work on his WEBSITE and TUMBLR! & Make sure to check out our ADDICT AOP NEO MARINER JACKET which is currently in the sale!


    4th February 2016

    Everyone knows that we love grime music here at ADDICT HQ, so we were stoked to see FLAMEZEE repping ADDICT on his twitter.


    Check our FLAMEZEE video below featuring #KeepingItGrime Allstars Sharky Major Nasty Jack Villain Killa P Flamezos and more!


    28th January 2016

    Here at ADDICT HQ we love SHAKE BRISTOL events, so we are stoked that they have one coming up soon!

    Hosted by Illustrator MAX KEMP, the next upcoming Shake Bristol sticks two-fingers up to the generic February holiday, instead celebrating the real relationships that matter and throwing a pal-themed event called PALENTINES DAY at START THE BUS in Bristol, between 12-6pm.

    PALENTINES DAY will feature works of some of the best illustrators in the area, where they'll showcase and sell Zines, Comics, Prints, T-Shirts, Badges and more!

    Have a look at some of these pictures taken by MATTHEW KIRBY at their last event 'Some Kinda Art Fair' which was held in October.

    Check out the event HERE, and if you're an illustrator you can apply for a stall at the event HERE.

    So grab your pals and pop along, make sure to let them know that ADDICT sent you!

  • GRIME 2016

    25th January 2016

    Here at ADDICT HQ we definitely think 2015 was year of grime, so we are keen to know what 2016 has to offer!

    COMPLEX MUSIC recently posted an ARTICLE which showcases all of the Grime DJs to watch in 2016 and here at ADDICT we definitely agree with their picks.

    We picked a few of our favourites from their list, check them out!


    GRANDMIXXER is definitely one we will all listen to in 2016, he grew up on the grime scene so it comes naturally to the South Londoner. Plus, he clearly loves camo - an ADDICT staple!

    Check out his RINSE FM podcast below:


    A.G used to blog about up and coming grime and is relatively new to the DJ scene but she is killing it!

    Her goals for 2016 are to be the sickest version of herself that she can be - us too, A.G!

    Check out her mix below:


    DULLAH BEATZ started out as part of a grime crew called N Double A, his DJ career kicked off at a club night 2 years ago. He has been playing and making grime since the start and his mixes are SICK!

    Make sure to listen to his FABRICLIVE x BDL mix below:


    GENERAL COURTZ was inspired by our other pick GRANDMIXXER when he connected with him in 2011 and since then as been perfecting his craft as a Grime DJ.

    In 2016 he aims to be a sharper DJ and play to more audiences. Listen to his mix below:


    Grime music comes naturally to North Londoner J BEATZ who looked for inspiration from DJs such as EZ and Spyro, a couple guys also on our radar.

    Check out his guest mix for PROJECT ALLOUT below: 

    Here at ADDICT HQ we can't wait to see them blowing up over 2016, make sure to check out all of their links and show them massive support!

    Read the Complex Music article HERE. Then go and buy some ADDICT garms with an extra 20% off the sale items! why not, eh?