23. SEPTEMBER 2013

Addict X Marvel Artist Series 1 - Drop 2

Last week we released the highly anticipated Addict X Marvel Artist Series 1 - VOL.1 featuring the iconic characters Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk by artists Shogun, Odisy and Mitchy Bwoy.

Fans and followers were eager for more, which is why we've released VOL.2, featuring three new characters: Spider-man, The Thing and Wolverine. Odisy, Mitchy Bwoy and Shogun return once again for this highly anticipated drop.

Addict and the team at Marvel.com managed to grab a rare moment with Shogun, Mitchy Bwoy and Odisy to talk about their work, their love for all things comic inspired and what it meant to them working with Addict and Marvel.



Marvel.com: How did you get involved with the Addict Marvel series?

Odisy: Jay [Hamdaoui] from Addict knew my work as a graffiti artist and illustrator. He got me involved doing the Avengers Assemble billboard painting. From there I was asked to do some t-shirt designs.


Marvel.com: Tell us about your experience doing the Assemble Live project.

Odisy: The Avengers Assemble billboard painting was great fun (apart from the rain). Me and my boy, Tizer, spent four days painting it with people tweeting in and voting which Avengers characters they wanted us to paint next. It was filmed and there was a live feed online, followed up by a time lapse of the four days.

There was a lot of positive feedback from people on the street as well as online. It really meant a lot to me to do a painting for Marvel having been a fan for so many years.


Marvel.com: So you've been a fan of Marvel for a while now?

Odisy: I've been a comic collector and a big fan of Marvel since I was a kid.


Marvel.com: Do you have any Marvel comics in your collection that you cherish more than others?

Odisy: I have a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #301 which, in my opinion, is one of the best Spider-Man front covers of all time. It is an incredibly dynamic pose and a stripped back graphic background. As an illustration is could be transferred to a poster, t-shirt, tattoo etc. without any changes. It was an instant classic. This was Todd McFarlane at his Marvel best. His illustration style and storytelling in The Amazing Spider-Man shook the comic world at the time and made him the most talked about name in comics. I spent a lot of time back then copying his panels. I'd say my copy of #301 is well loved. Others might say it's in very bad condition. Either way it's an important book for me both as a comic fan and an illustrator.


Marvel.com: Do you have any other favorite Marvel illustrators?

Odisy: Of course, Jack Kirby. Where would we be without Kirby? Steve McNiven -- incredible figurative work. John Buscema. Alex Ross. Bill Sienkiewicz. Jim Lee.


Marvel.com: Where did you come up with the idea for your designs?

Odisy: I tried to draw on my experiences in different art forms to come up with my ideas for the designs, not just comic artwork. Marvel already does "The Marvel Style." I wanted to add some of the dynamics and flow from graffiti as well as some of the techniques I know from working as an illustrator. I exaggerated the characters' movement, shape and environment to add my own twist while still staying true to the core of the originals.


Marvel.com: For your Iron Man design, did you use Mark Silvestri's cover as inspiration?

Odisy: That cover was definitely an inspiration. I wanted to do a classic Iron-Man-flying-towards-the-viewer composition and make it like the scene in the first movie where he's being chased by two planes. I added background elements to make it look like a target.


Marvel.com: How did you decide on which characters to use?

Odisy: I chose Spider-Man because there's a lot of scope with him. His webbing was always going to be a useful illustrative element. I wanted to get a city in there and he sees the city from all angles so it was an opportunity to really abstract that. Iron Man is metal and he flies. That's mad cool. Fighter jets, missiles, high octane speed... It's a no brainer.


Marvel.com: Can you tell fans about your background in art, especially graffiti?

Odisy: I've always been drawing. I got into graffiti properly in the early 90's. I went to art college in the late 90's studying illustration. In mid 2000's I started doing more large scale mural work and travelled to different countries to paint with my crew. I currently work as a tattoo artist, illustrator and graffiti artist in London.





Marvel.com: How did you get involved in the Addict Marvel series?

Shogun: I've been an Addict collaborator for some years, I've contributed to their Artist Series in the past & we've always had strong links, so it seemed a logical progression for me to get involved with this range...they have a rich heritage of using fantastic artists from different areas & disciplines, so it was a great honour to be asked to share this project with Mitch & Odisy...two of the best around...


Marvel.com: How did you decide on which characters to use?

Shogun: With the increasing popularity of comic book movies we tried to base the range loosely around what Marvel are doing in terms of feature films. This helps to capitalise on the hype surrounding upcoming releases, & to mine the residual interest generated by past blockbusters. Spider-Man & Captain America have new movies out this year, & there were the recent Iron Man 3 & Avengers movies...all this helps to generate interest in the characters, but it's good to throw a few new faces in there too...


Marvel.com: Where did you come up with the idea for your designs?

Shogun: I looked at a lot of source material from old comics & movie posters to statues & action figures, these are a particularly good source of reference for how the light falls on a particular figure & how shaded areas would appear in 3 dimensions...then I make a composite of my favourite pieces from each & kind of 'weld' them together into a cohesive whole, sculpting & shaping as I go...


Marvel.com: Do you have a history of being a Marvel fan?

Shogun: I was a huge Marvel fan as a kid, I'd spend hours trying to draw my favourite characters, & Saturday mornings were a pilgrimage to the local paper shop where I'd weigh up which sweets I could afford vs which comics...I often came back without the sweets...


Marvel.com: Why did you decide to leave out Captain America's eyes?

Shogun: Interesting question...I wanted to portray something moody & edgier than we're used to seeing...we often see Cap portrayed as the Boy Scout or the White Knight character & I thought it would be interesting to introduce a subtle note of darkness...I came across a statue & really liked the way the light fell across the eyes, I wanted to portray his grim resolution in the face of danger & to suggest how it might feel to have the weight of the world on his shoulders...


Marvel.com: Can you tell fans about your art background?

Shogun: Under the name 'Shogun' I freelance as a graphic artist, specialising in the editorial, street wear & popular culture arenas...currently the bulk of my work comes from New York where & I am represented  by Richard Solomon Artist Reps, a very cool agency with an incredible roster of talent, it's very humbling company to be in...my regular clients include; Wall St. Journal, The New York Times, CBS News, Sports Illustrated, Ford Mustang & Major League Baseball to name but a few... I also work closely with Addict on their Marvel, DC & Lucas film apparel projects...


Marvel.com: Speaking of the Marvel films, do you have any particular favorites and why?

Shogun: I really liked the Sam Raimi take on Spider-Man, (the first 2 anyway, the 3rd is perhaps best forgotten)...they really felt like the comics I grew up reading, & getting such respected character actors to play the villains lent the series great credibility...


Marvel.com: What particular Marvel source material, comics or action figures, really struck your eye?

Shogun: I looked at lots of old school Jack Kirby strips, not necessarily for style but he had a way of making the character look heroic & iconic that few have matched since, also Michael Turner & Alex Ross...in terms of action figures; anything by Bowen, Sideshow & Gentle Giant, also Kotobukiya, Hot Toys & Medicom. There's so much inspirational material out there by amazing artists it's sometimes difficult to know where to start, but once you have the kernel of an idea things start meshing together...


Marvel.com: And finally, do you have any particular Marvel story lines you loved most as a kid?

Shogun: Too many to mention them all, but Spider-Man 'Torment' springs to mind, written & illustrated by the great Todd McFarlane...his take on the character proved to be a seismic shift in the Spidey aesthetic & a true inspiration for me...also Wolverine Vol.1 written by Chris Claremont & illustrated by the legendary Frank Miller...Wolverine returns to Japan & has to battle a legion of ninjas...I'm all over that...I also really loved anything starring the Hulk as a kid, the list is endless really... 





Marvel.com: How did you get involved in the Addict Marvel series?

Mitchy Bwoy: I've been working with Addict clothing since the very beginning of my career. We've collaborated on loads of quality projects over the years, including the 'Clown Girl' signature series and the 'Star Wars' artist series.


Marvel.com: How did you decide on which characters to use?

Mitchy Bwoy: I was given a selection of characters to choose from. The decision to choose Wolverine & the Hulk was easy - they're both outsiders. They're not your typical hero types - they don't play by the rules.


Marvel.com: Do you have a history being a fan of Marvel?

Mitchy Bwoy: For years, yes. I originally started with the Silver Surfer. Thanos is my favourite nemesis, and through the fantastic Infinity Guantlet series I was introduced to a host of other characters from the Marvel universe.


Marvel.com: Can you tell fans about your background in art?

Mitchy Bwoy: After my graphic design degree my career started mainly in the music business - designing album & CD covers. These days its much more diverse; clothing, video, typography, advertising, events, exhibitions etc. All sorts of stuff!


Marvel.com: Where did you come up with the idea for your designs?

Mitchy Bwoy: My brief from Addict was pretty concise. Looking at Marvel reference material - choose a classic retro character design and give it a contemporary spin with my 'signature' style (hand done contour outlines coloured with bits of spray paint, drips & splats).