25. MAY 2012

Addict x Mitch Euro Girls

Following the success of our infamous Clown Girl series, this time our attention is turned to the beautiful game and the forthcoming summers festival of European Football. Our favourite girls have traded their red noses and stripey socks for the football kits of their home nations. Again, utilising Mitch’s signature illustration style, our Euro 2012 Girls pay homage to the national kit designs of the 1980’s and represent a unique new interpretation of the enduring ‘pin-up girl’ aesthetic.

Mitchy Bwoy is a design, typography and illustration polymath. Over the last decade his work has permeated its way through various sub-cultures and genres with a wide range of commercial projects, art exhibitions and collaborations. As well as being a long time Addict collaborator, he has also worked on numerous music industry artworks for the likes of Chase & Status, Nitin Sawhney, Ziggy Marley and Amp Fiddler. A number of collaborations with other artists including Banksy & Mode 2, plus video productions with The Light Surgeons.

He's also been busy with Global exhibitions including the Barbican (London), Art Basel (Miami), Candela Festival (Puerto Rico), Contre Temps festival (Strasbourg) and Loud Graphics (Berlin).

With a vast portfolio of work he continues to innovate & diversify. Post graff / post pop / post 'whatever you like'........ Mitch has consistently come forward with the most true visual representation of modern times.

The recent Clown Girls inspired range of Euro Girl tees, master-minded by Mitchy Bwoy and Addict founder and Creative Director Chris-Carden Jones is now available online.

We spent a bit of time with Mitch to talk about his latest illustrations for Addict and other upcoming projects…

The Euro Girl tees follows on from the highly successful Clown Girls series. Why do think these graphics are so popular?
Its hard to second guess why certain images are popular. Personally I'm drawn to images that are playful & flirtatious. With the Clown Girls - its difficult to define - there's a mix of lots of different elements; cheesecake / pin-up / emo / comic book. Maybe its just the stripy socks!

Does it surprise you?
Always. Rarely can I predict which will be the most popular.

People would never usually connect artwork and football together….was that a worry when working on this project?
If David Beckham can have a perfume and pants range - then I guess anything ispossible!

You spent a whole day at The Addict office with our photographer and model. How important is it to your creative process to get the right images?
The style of these images is more figurative than expressionistic. So easier tostart with good reference material.

It must be tough having to get a model to pull provocative poses?
The poses loosely follow a pin-up / cheesecake tradition, so quite easy to get the right pose. To be honest the girls (photographer & model) came up with much more provocative stuff once I'd left the room!

Once you’ve got the right pose, how do you begin illustrating them?
Its basically light box & pen work to create the outlines. Then colouring them with bits of scanned in spray paint, drips & splats etc.

Which tee stands out for you? Which one’s your favourite?
Probably Spain. That one worked 1st time without any re-drawing.

You’ve been working with us on Guest Artists projects for a number of years, what is it that makes you want to keep working with the brand?
Creatively its always different and challenging, often taking me out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing. These Euro Girls are a good example - having to adapt my Clown Girl style & approach to fit the brief from Addict. The Star Warsprojects alone are a childhood dream come true!

You’re still heavily involved with the music scene and designing album art. Does that still keep you busy? Who have you recently worked with?
Still doing plenty of music stuff - as always a nice mix of genres - MTA Records (Chase & Status' label), electro warrior Lee Coombs, UK soul legends Incognito etc. etc. Much more digital than print these days though.

Addict are obviously keeping you busy with a new series for Star Wars, what else do you have coming up?
Working on a video project with Incognito right now. I have some 'big brand' signature stuff coming out in summer, which I can't reveal for a few months. Also working on a new set of prints for my own online store........ gotta say, I can't wait for the new Star Wars series to come out!

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