11. JUNE 2012

Snowbombing final instalment

Here's the third and final instalment from the Addict x Aston Martin Cygnet x Snowbombing journey. This video shows the cars in all their glory, with the Stitch That studio showcasing all their skill and expertise pulling out every trick they know to show these cars in a away that hasn't been seen before. C-Law Desert camo, She-One Snow Camo and Addict Jungle Camo are all on show

in front of a variety of backgrounds found during our trip to Mayrhoffen for the 2012 Snowbombing event.After the final edit, we managed to sit down with Martyn, who was responsible for the film and edit. We talk about his company Stitch That, the ideas behind the films and his love of Addict Clothing. Check it out...

Tell us more about Stitch That. What is it you guys do? We are all old friends that came together through a love of skateboarding, naturally through that we started filming each other and making skate videos for fun. as time progressed we started to take production more seriously and worked together as a collective shooting live music and music videos, when the jobs got a bit serious we decided it was worth trying to make a go of it as a company. So we all left what jobs or freelance commitments we had at the time and pooled our resources together to create Stitch that Ltd. We have always strived to create work that we are proud of and that we feel is a step up from the last, we are a core team of 4 founding members but we work with many talented freelancers outside of that team to deliver the best product we can.

Stitch That have an amazing portfolio of work which includes a lot of music videos and virals for brands, is there a particular type of project you prefer working on? well we are most at home with music, and live music at that, but that’s just due to the shear amount of live music jobs we have actually done (we have a secret vault) I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we prefer the more creative jobs, it could be anything from a music video, animation, viral, commercial or short film or documentary, we really enjoy collaboration and working on a vast variety of projects, I feel blessed that we get to be this versatile and we get to work with so many great artists and clients. We really love it when we get to build an ongoing connection with an artist or client, the relationships and projects just flow really well and everyone enjoys the creative process.

Which video best describes what ‘Stitch That’, are capable of? I think the Bulmer’s Berry video would be a high contender for what we can achieve with a minimal budget but I personally (maybe because I directed it) feel we have way more to offer. Lykki li was another super fun project, she was awesome to work with and we were all stoked with the moon videos. But then how can I over look Take That? a project that was intended to be a lot smaller than it was, a few bits of content for the bands phone app that exploded into us touring with them for the entire UK and European tour and delivering content at every city for the band, for Samsung and in the end then editing it all into a documentary for their best selling live DVD... so I guess what I am saying is there isn't one piece of work that best describes what Stitch that are capable of... if it makes it onto the website then it because we all agreed it was good enough and I think it's best to just look at it as a body of work that displays a range of capabilities.

You filmed and edited all three of the Addict x Aston Martin x Snowbombing videos. Do you have a favourite? I think its too soon to tell, I’m still missing the trip, the cars, the crew and all the fun that was had representing Addict at Snow bombing. we felt like a team... no it was a mini family and it was one of the funnest shoots of 2012. So at the moment I would maybe say the Diary Edit, just because it is like a brain puke of all the memories coming at you in one go, and I am a sucker for a nice dollop of nostalgia. But as with the cars and their camo, my favourite changed every day while away, I just could not decide...

The third and final installment is probably my favourite…how much planning went into it? This actually was the one I was most excited about shooting, putting the cars through different creative processes so that they become more like a piece of moving image art. A lot of the techniques are more down to time, long exposure photography and time lapse meant that once I had planned my shot I have to go with it for the next hour or so, so I guess you could say I had to plan them carefully and try and imagine what the results would be before I started shooting. The shots with the wood chopper were just pure luck, we spotted the location and decided to shoot some stuff, then he started his chainsaw up and started working, we moved in one of the cars and got some nice shots so that was a bonus.

Did you come across any obstacles when filming up on the mountains? The weather was pretty crazy to be honest, due to it being the end of season there was not much snow, but when it

did snow we rushed up to get some shots and lets just say without snow tires you get reminded that you have hairs on the back of your neck. there is one shot of the Snow camo car high up on a mountain, this was after a long drive up narrow winding roads that were a squeeze even for the little Astons, we got to the top and it was a dead end so had to turn back, but I insisted we perched the car somewhere so we could at least get one shot out of it.

How was the Addict x Snowbombing experience? For my first time at Snowbombing all I can say is its super worth checking out! the road trip was awesome, walkie talkie banter was at level 100 all the way, everyone had amazing costumes and cars, they all seemed to love what Addict had done with the Aston Martins and everyone would get really excited every time they pass another 'Bomber' on the Autobahn. I think that Addict was such a good collaborator to have with Snowbombing, people seemed to really embrace the brand there and I had people chewing my arm off for a tee shirt or even just stickers, it was insane!

What were your highlights on the trip? My biggest highlight of the trip for sure was the moment you mentioned there was a chance we would be coming back to do it all again... I had a rush of new ideas that had spawned from actually knowing what to expect next time and what Stitchthat and Addict could achieve now that we had 'popped our Snowbombing cherries'.

Getting up the mountain and going snowboarding was a big highlight for me also, I had been out of skating for about 6 weeks with an ankle injury but snowboard boots are super rigid so I felt no pain and could hack it down the slopes without a worry of furthering my injury. Seeing Labrinth was sick too, I directed a shoot with him just playing solo piano and singing so to see him live with his full set up was sick, he totally smashed the Eristoff Forest Party.

You’re also a long time Addict sponsored artist – what is it about Addict that appeals to you? I think firstly because it's a British company, I like that, I feel a strong connection with the brand where as when I have had sponsors from outside the UK it has just felt a bit distant. As a brand I think that they tap into so many of my passions, I have been skateboarding since I was 11, started Ding at 15 and I got into graffiti in my 20s, they cover all of this and more really, they collaborate with a great range of artists while still having a super sick line of non-collab clothing, I like simple, comfortable and functional clothing... so yeah, Addict is sick! They get what I am about and support me in what I do, what more could I ask for?

Which bits have you selected from the SS12 collection and why? I’m big on the new snap back stencil logo caps, I have an all black one that has lived on my head since Snowbombing. After looking through the new lines I can see that the light jackets are still looking fresh, I’m big on Addicts jackets, I would say they have a very strong concept of how to make a dope jacket. I’m not much of a shirt man but to be honest the SS12 shirt line up looks pretty tight, I may have to try and pull some of them off.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year? I have recently started riding for a friends new company so I will be filming a full skateboard section as soon as I’m back from injury, this has me so excited! Film wise I have been writing a lot, lots of new ideas for music videos and short films so I’m going to be pushing them into production soon. I have just started a project for Arts Parliament with an old poet/writer friend of mine Inua Ellams, he is collating a poem from tweets and messages from people all over the country to create a poem that represents as many people as possible and their views on politics, the end film will be screened in Westminster Hall so that’s pretty exciting. I am also currently working on a lot of artwork with 2 shows planned, but due to my workload I doubt they will be ready to view this year but you never know... oh and a holiday... definitely a real holiday!


Another big thanks to the guys at Aston Martin and Snowbombing for all their support. Martyn at Stitch That for capturing the journey and the cars and producing this captivating videos. Totally Dynamic for the car wraps and the rest of the Addict fam.

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