11. SEPTEMBER 2014

AW14 Addict X Usugrow

Usugrow began his own artistic activity by creating flyers in the underground punk and hard core music scene in the early 90’s. Since then, he has been involved in various album cover designs for bands and musicians.

Now, as well as still being hugely successful as a commercial designer for album covers, fashion brands & skate companies, the Japanese-born artist has been exhibiting his fine art in galleries all over the world and his black and white illustrations have become instantly recognizable.

Heavily influenced by Los Angeles 'Cholo' style graffiti fused with the spiritual skills of Asian calligraphy. In his work he very often beautifully portrays opposing elements such as delicate lines and unique lettering style, skulls and flowers, yin and yang and of course his palette of black and white. He believes that this is everyday life and living proof that these opposing elements can exist together.

We first came across his work in the early 2000’s and instantly knew we wanted to work with him on the right project. It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is now over as we proudly present the Addict X Usugrow capsule collection. Usugrow’s signature style is expertly deployed on two core outerwear Addict styles. The Frontline Jacket being the more technical pieces on offer. The other is the classic and much loved Coach Jacket silhouette, which makes another appearance as well as a set of Limited Edition Guest Artist tees to help complete the set.

Addict has once again found a way of blending art with functionality creating real wearable products for the street,whilst insuring Usugrow’s meticulous work remains recognizable.

The Addict X Usugrow collection is available direct from the source as well as all good Addict stockists.